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Through God’s gift and assistance, I am able to connect to the spiritual world and channel your angels, spiritual guides and loved ones to secure important messages for your life’s journey. With my inborn psychic abilities, I can see the past, present, and future in order to assist you with decisions related to marriage, love relationships, career, health, legal or closure with a loved one who has passed on to the other side. I educate my Macon clients on the power of free-will and give them the necessary tools to achieve their goals. My dream is to guide your soulful journey to God’s white light and bring clarity and positive direction into your life. Discovering your life's experience through me will bring you a higher awareness of “self” through your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. If you are in Macon or any part of Georgia, I invite you to let me guide your inner light through life's challenges with courage, hope and love. 

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards are great for cleaning out the clutter of your mind. They clarify the issues of your life by providing a clear picture enabling you to look at things more objectively. I simply ask questions while shuffling the cards and place them down one card at a time then read to you what each card means.  In many cases, they directly involve the topics we have been discussing and bring more detail to the psychic reading.  I encourage all my Macon clients to get a set of cards and read them often on their own!

Past Loved Ones

Sometimes loved ones want to let us know they are ok and with us. This does not mean that they are stuck here in the physical realm, they can visit us from the spiritual side. The spiritual world is parallel to our physical world.  With my psychic abilities, I can receive messages from them through my sense of feelings, spoken words that I hear or sometimes, I can even see their outline and face just standing behind my client. I do sometimes get a certain feeling in a message received that I am able to pass along to my client. I can sense if you have been together with other spirits or loved ones in past lives from this life.


This area of life is one of the most common topics inquired about in the Macon area.  Utilizing my inborn psychic abilities, I am able to be very specific in this area even over the phone. Before the psychic reading, I will need for you to know your horoscope sign, as well as your significant other's horoscope sign.  Since we can go into great depth during a psychic phone reading regarding a relationship, it would be wise to compose a list of questions to ask me so we can cover a lot of issues and best utilize your reading session.  I will tell you all I see, so be prepared!  If I see another person involved with your loved one, I WILL TELL YOU!  I will not tell  you what you necessarily want to hear.  I will be truthful and candid.  So don't be surprised when I tell you the negative things in your relationship as well as the positive.  WARNING: Those people not wanting to know the entire truth about their relationship should be sure they want this type of psychic reading before scheduling a relationship session. These phone sessions or psychic phone readings as I like to call them, can also be about any relationship or friend. 


I really love reading palms. Palmistry is a great psychic tool used to tell about your past, present and future.  It tells about love, career, relationships, your personality traits, health and fate. This psychic tool makes your entire life seem to come together in a small map, all on your hand and fingers.  During this process, I also tell you what I see and why certain lines mean certain things.  This will help you to learn how to read the palms of your friends and family. 
Long distance palm readings by phone are possible. Whether you are in Macon or anywhere else in the country, all I need is a scanned picture of your palm and hand in good light and once I get the picture, we can go over the reading together. I will also need for you to take a picture of your fist from the bottom side so I can read your love lines.  If  you have questions on this process feel free to email or phone me any questions. 

Macon residents, please phone me today at 770-735-1876 to schedule a psychic reading so you too can find out more about your life from the past, present and future! My psychic readings are both affordable and informative.


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